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Ruby Basics and Rails Scaffolding

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Post Event:

Thanks to all who came! You’re awesome for making an effort to nerd out with us.

Want the slides? elasticbackflip.github.com/event_001

Attendees said the event was a great intro to Rails (though more technical than advertised – our bad).

If you want to keep diving into Rails, we’d suggest coding up the Getting Started with Rails Guide. Getting stuck? StackOverflow and the Ruby on Rails Talk google group are great at providing specific answers.

Got suggestions for future events? Give a shout out to @westonplatter.

When: January 5, 2012, 9:30am - 4pm
Where: Downtown Minneapolis, MN
Cost & Lunch: Free!!
What to bring: portable laptop

Who is this for?: Event is intended for people who want to learn the basics of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We’ll focus on understanding basic principles and explain everything it takes for Rails to Create, Read, Update, and Delete database objects through a browser UI. If you have played with Rails, we will explain this, rails generate scaffold Todo name:string. No prior programming experience required.

Approximate Schedule

9:30am - Coffee and Breakfast-ishy Grub
10am  - Intro to Ruby - Essential Pre Rails Concepts
11am  - Intro to Rails
12pm  - Lunch
1pm    - Rails Scaffolds Part 1
2pm    - Rails Scaffolds Part 2
3pm    - Live coding session by @derekrockwell

Sponsor(s): Weston Platter